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Sale Secret Key Milk Whipping Cleansing Foam

Secret Key Milk Whipping Cleansing Foam

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Face foam
Secret Key

Soft cleansing foam for washing off daily makeup and excessive sebum. Effectively moisturizes face skin, gives it firmness and softness, aligns its tone and relief. Ideal for daily use, suitable for all skin types.

Contains hyaluronic acid, which protects the skin from moisture loss. Collagen gives the skin firmness and softness, prevents wrinkles. Donkey milk speeds up the process of skin regeneration, helps to protect the skin from the negative impact of the environment. The product does not contain artificial colors and perfumes.


Apply a small amount of the foam to your hands, bubble it up with a small amount of water. Apply the resulting foam to face skin, massage it for approximately 1 minute,then rinse it off with a lukewarm water.


80 g

DryFace foamSecret KeySensitiveUnder $15

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