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Sale Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Stick Cleanser

Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Stick Cleanser

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Face foam
Secret Key

A 7 in 1 tool! Cleansing balm, cleansing oil, cleansing water, makeup remover, pore cleanser, massager, clarifying mask.

Thanks to this product, in a few minutes, you can remove makeup (even the most persistent), clean the surface of the skin of dirt, remove sebaceous plugs, massage your face, and with regular application of the product - lighten the pigmentation and smooth your complexion.

When applied to the skin, melting balsam turns into a cleansing oil, and then into a foam. The stick dissolves makeup, promotes exfoliation of dead particles of the epidermis, dissolves sebaceous plugs in the pores, flushes the skin oil and everyday dirt from the skin surface.The composition of the product has a high content of natural components.

Sunflower seed oil dissolves makeup, has an excellent moisturizing and softening effect, makes the skin more elastic, protects against the aggressive effects of ultraviolet light, and also promotes the regeneration of new cells.

Carbonated water saturates the skin with useful micro and macro elements, due to which many vital processes are normalized and accelerated: it improves microcirculation of blood, stimulates regeneration of skin cells, removes toxins.

Lemon extract - has antibacterial, antiseptic, astringent and tonic effect, strengthens the walls of the vessels and narrows the pores, accelerates the healing of acne and prevents the appearance of new ones. Like all citrus fruits, lemon extract helps to smooth skin tone and lightens pigmentation, and also smooths wrinkles, relieves puffiness and refreshes the skin, makes it rested.


Turn the circle on the bottom of the tube to the right to push out the top of the stick, gently apply it to your skin, end with a brush massage and after, rinse it off thoroughly with a lukewarm water. 


38 g

$15-30AcneBlackheadsDull skin toneFace foamPigmentationPost-acneSecret Key

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