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Sale Secret Key Iceland Hyaluron Soothing Gel

Secret Key Iceland Hyaluron Soothing Gel

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Soothing gel
Secret Key

Transparent, moisturizing, cooling - all these effects are coming from the brand new gel by Secret Key. It will give your face and body skin an incredible sense of comfort, with instant nourishment and feeling of refreshed skin.

The product can be used as a moisturizer or facial mask, for the area under the eyes, for moisturizing the skin of the body, for hands and nails, for the hair, for soothing the skin after shaving and epilation.

The gel consists of 98% of the glacial water from Iceland, contains hyaluronic acid, and also Aquaxyl.

Hyaluronic acid intensively moisturizes the skin, creates on its surface an inconspicuous thin film that prevents the evaporation of water, keeping moisture inside. Also, hyaluronic acid affects immune responses, protects cells from free radicals, protects the skin from premature aging, accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and promotes wound healing.

Aquaxyl is an innovative complex, created from natural ingredients. It has an intense moisturizing effect and also increases the content of its own hyaluronic acid, it helps to preserve moisture on the skin surface, and also in deep layers, due to which the skin is reliably protected from dehydration. Aquaxyl eliminates peeling, removes skin irritations, and also smooths irregularities and wrinkles, increases the elasticity of the skin.


Feel free to apply it to every place of your body which needs hydration or looks flaky.


200 ml

Damaged skinDrySecret KeySoothing gelUnder $15

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