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Sale Secret Key Hug Me Moisture Steam Cream

Secret Key Hug Me Moisture Steam Cream

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Face cream
Secret Key

To turn your lovely face to beautiful and well-groomed look, without dryness and peeling, without wrinkles and pigmentation, so that the skin is smooth and silky, Secret Secret cosmeticians have created an excellent set of creams that simply melt on your face, quickly absorb instantly moisturize and give an incredible sense of comfort.

The cream made by the special steam technology represents an ideal combination of natural components which under the influence of steam at high speed dissolve and mix up among themselves, forming, as a result, the most delicate texture which is capable to get into the deepest layers of a skin.

The steam cream also protects the skin from the aggressive influence of the environment (UV radiation, temperature drops, strong wind), eliminates irritations, removes peeling.

The cream is hypoallergenic. Does not contain parabens, artificial fragrances, dyes, benzophenol, mineral and animal oils.


Gently apply the cream to your skin. 


80 g 

DryFace creamSecret KeySensitiveUnder $15

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