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Sale Secret Key Honey Bee AC Control Soap

Secret Key Honey Bee AC Control Soap

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Face soap
Secret Key

This cosmetic soap effectively cleans and cares for your face skin, eliminates the effects of acne, disinfects the skin, prevents the appearance of problems caused by increased oil content of the skin, contains a powerful bactericidal component - bee venom.

Completely removes excessive sebum from upper layers of derma and also cleans clogged pore debris.

Eliminates inflammation, prevents the blemish appearance. Soothes the skin, fills with moisture, helps to preserve it.

In addition to bee venom, Honey Bee AC Control Soap contains other components that support bactericidal action: tea tree oil, salicylic acid, these components supplement and intensify the action of bee venom aimed at destroying the pathogenic flora that causes the appearance of acne.


Soak the soap in lukewarm or cool water, apply the foam onto your face (except under-eye area) and massage gently for no more than 2 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly.


85 g

AcneFace soapOilySecret KeyUnder $15

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