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Sale Secret Key Gold Premium First Eye Patch

Secret Key Gold Premium First Eye Patch


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Eye patch
Secret Key

Highly effective hydrogel product for the thin skin around your eyes. Perfectly recovers eyelids skin, promotes the lightening of dark circles under the eyes, prevent the appearance of irritation and wrinkles.

The skin becomes healthier and well-groomed, and also softened and smoothened. This product is made of natural materials and it's perfectly safe to use even on very sensitive and irritated skin.

Adenosine, which is one of the ingredients, struggles with facial wrinkles, making the skin silky. Patches have a convenient shape and fit perfectly to the skin, so that the effect of their use can be seen right away.


Apply on a previously cleaned skin, try to cover the most problematic spots. Keep the patches on for approximately 40 minutes, then remove them and massage the treated skin.


1 box x 60 patches

$15-30Dark under-eye circlesEye patchSecret KeyWrinkles

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