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Sale Secret Key Fitting Forever Lipstick

Secret Key Fitting Forever Lipstick

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Secret Key

Luxurious colors, bright and juicy, delicate and refined! A velvety soft texture that envelops the skin. Ideal coating in one application, providing the super matte look.This lipstick will be a real assistant to create the perfect makeup.

Contains: Vitamin E, which protects the skin of the lips from UV, weathering, premature aging, makes the skin softer and silky.

This lipstick easily slides over the skin, fills small wrinkles, and creates a smooth coating, without lumps. The light formula gives the skin comfort, does not heavier, does not leave a sense of stickiness. High persistence of pigments ensures perfect makeup for a long time. Does not print on anything else than lips!

Different shades of the lipstick can be combined with each other, each time getting a new, stunningly beautiful makeup.


Apply to the cleaned and dry lips. To allow the perfect application, we recommend to pre-use the lip scrub. 


3.5 g

LipstickSecret KeyUnder $15

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