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Sale Secret Key Black Out Pore 3-Step Nose Pack (5 sets)

Secret Key Black Out Pore 3-Step Nose Pack (5 sets)

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Face patch
Secret Key

Special 3-Steps pack based on a natural charcoal extracts to achieve maximum effect and significantly improve the appearance of nose pores.

The kit consists of 3 patches, which step by step help to cleanse the skin of blackheads.

Patch 1 is designed to open pores, because of charcoal extracts heating up your nose skin. Contains extracts of black sesame and grapes. This small patch allows you to gently warm up nose skin, open its pores and soften their sebaceous glands for the next coming treatment.

Patch 2 cleans the pores, pulls out all the excessive sebum from them, exfoliates the dead cells from deep dermal layers, applies an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, thanks to the incoming extracts of lime and tea tree.

Patch 3 narrows the pores, relieves blemish and soothes the skin, moisturizes with extracts of witch hazel and anise seeds.


Apply in a queue starting from Patch 1. Keep each on for no more than 10 minutes. You may rinse the face skin with a lukewarm water when you finish the procedure.


5 set: 3 steps in each

AcneBlackheadsFace patchLarge poresNormalOilyPost-acneSecret KeyUnder $15

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