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Sale Secret Key Berry Milk Hand Cream

Secret Key Berry Milk Hand Cream


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Hand cream
Secret Key

Multifunctional hand cream with a pleasant silky texture. Quickly absorbs, filling the skin with hydration, preventing the appearance of dryness and exfoliation, and also slowing down the aging of hands skin.

The product does not leave an unpleasant sensation when applied, it's ideal for even the most sensitive and prone to irritation skin.

In the composition of the cream, you will find some incredibly useful ingredients: donkey milk and wild berries extract. Thanks to them, the product softens the skin of hands, restores the structure of the skin, prevents the appearance of peeling, calluses, dry skin. Vitamin C has a slight brightening effect, prevents the appearance of pigment spots on the skin.


Use whenever your hands feel dry. Drop few peas of cream onto hands and massage.


60 g

Hand creamSecret KeyUnder $15

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