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Sale Secret Key Bee Venom AC Control Mist

Secret Key Bee Venom AC Control Mist

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Face mist
Secret Key

The Bee Venom AC Control series is designed for sensitive and problematic skin prone to frequent irritation, redness, and periodic inflammation of the skin.

Bee venom complex removes inflammation, heals and prevents the appearance of acne, has an antimicrobial effect. It improves the skin own protective barrier, increasing its immunity. Kalamin effectively nourishes the sensitive skin, providing a cleaning, antibacterial and soothing effect. Royal jelly has a tonic and restorative effect, normalizes metabolic processes in tissues and improves their health.

This mist contains bee venom, calamine, Centella Asiatic extract, Portola garden extract, tea tree extract, marigold extract, royal jelly extract, propolis extract, panthenol, etc.


Close your eyes and spray mist onto face skin from a distance of 20-30 cm. Allow it to absorb completely.


100 ml

$15-30AcneCombinationFace mistOilyRednessSecret KeySensitive

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