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Sale Secret Key 24K Gold Premium First Essence

Secret Key 24K Gold Premium First Essence

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Face essence
Secret Key

This moisturizing essence by Secret Key belonging to the top class skincare. With its help, you can easily lighten and nourish the skin with all the components necessary for it.

The most important extract of this product is the particles of gold that help to protect your skin against various irregularities, spots, and wrinkles. Due to intensive effect, the essence deeply moisturizes and saturates the layers of the epidermis with life-giving oxygen and moisture.

It could be attributed to the innovative development of the company, which was crowned with wide success.

Secret Key 24K Gold Premium First Essence is used as a booster - it should be applied immediately after the cleansing of the skin and before the application of basic skincare. The essence has a powerful anti-aging effect, and also prepares the skin for further care.


Apply on a previously cleaned skin with light pats. We recommend using the essence every day (morning and evening).


150 ml

$15-30Damaged skinDryDull skin toneFace essenceLoose skinPigmentationSecret KeyWrinkles

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