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Sale Purederm Luxury Therapy Gold Peel-Off Mask

Purederm Luxury Therapy Gold Peel-Off Mask

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Face mask

The Purederm Luxury Therapy Gold Peel-off Mask returns the skin natural elasticity, firmness and freshness after just one procedure. It makes the skin even, contributes to the narrowing of pores, improves the tone of the epidermis, and most importantly - has a pronounced anti-ageing effect, tightening the shape of the face. It copes with problems of hyperpigmentation, dryness and sagging.

The composition of the mask contains the extracts of honey, primroses, chrysanthemums and calendula, as well as collagen with gold ions. It cleanses the skin of impurities and nourishes it with all necessary biologically active substances.


Apply to your skin in a thin layer. Wait 20 minutes and once the mask dries, peel it off from bottom to top.


100 g 

$15-30DryDull skin toneFace maskLarge poresPigmentationPurederm

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