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Sale Petitfee Super Seed Lip Oil

Petitfee Super Seed Lip Oil

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Lip care

Skin on the lips is very thin and delicate, which makes it easily affected by ultraviolet, wind, frost, air pollution, and various microorganisms. Because of this, the skin becomes drained, cracked, it loses its elasticity and brightness.

Improve the skin, as well as prevent its premature aging by the help of this saturated oil from Petitfee. This product was created taking into account the needs of the lips, saturating it with everything necessary to maintain health, beauty, and youth, protecting your skin from the aggressive influence of the environment.

The composition of the oil has an incredibly high content of natural ingredients. Extracts of of soybean seeds, camellia, sunflower, petunia, sea buckthorn, and olive oil. Honey and propolis have a complex effect on the skin too: they nourish and moisturize, soften and smooth, accelerate the healing of microcracks, and remove peeling.

Regular application of the oil increases the elasticity of the skin, helps to smooth wrinkles, returns your lips a bright color. Your lips will be reliably protected not only from bad weather but also from premature aging.

The product is compact, does not leak and does not stain, thanks to the convenient applicator it's very simple to use and carry. It can be on hand at any time and in any situation.


Apply to dry, clean lips as necessary, up to 4 times a day.


5 g

$15-30Lip carePetitfee

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