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Sale Petitfee KOELF Hydro Gel Eye Patch

Petitfee KOELF Hydro Gel Eye Patch

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Eye patch

Anti-ageing eye patches to smooth small wrinkles and regenerate your skin cells. These patches enhance blood circulation at the cellular level, bringing better color to your skin and enriching it with nourishing substances. They contain epidermal growth factor EGF, which helps regenerate skin and protects it from the harmful environment. Other beneficial ingredients are natural plant extracts of aloe vera, green tea, ginseng root etc., which sooth and moisturize your skin. This product also contains fish roe extract to get rid of your wrinkles and enhance skin condition in general on account of having a large amount of indispensable amino acids.


Remove the patches from the packaging with a small spatula and apply onto purified skin around your eyes. Wear for 20-30 minutes then proceed with a light massage using the tips of your fingers.


60 (30 pairs)

$15-30Dark under-eye circlesEye patchPetitfeeWrinkles

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