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Sale Nature Republic Real Fresh Aloe Modeling Mask

Nature Republic Real Fresh Aloe Modeling Mask

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Face mask
Nature Republic

The mask contains an extract of aloe vera 100 mg, collagen powders etc.

Alginate mask has a soft effect on the skin, prevents redness and irritation of the skin, has a hypoallergenic formula. Alginate masks are created on the basis of algin (diamite) acid, contained in algae. They form a gel, the layer of which dries on the skin for several minutes, forming an impermeable film for moisture and air. Alginate masks can penetrate into the smallest wrinkles of the skin and have a beneficial effect.

Aloe vera extract provides multilevel skin protection. Long-chain aloe polysaccharides are distributed over the surface of the skin, creating a moisturizing film, and polysaccharides with shorter chains penetrate the skin and stimulate Langerhans cells responsible for immunity. In addition, the polysaccharide film protects the skin from UV radiation.

The extract contains over 160 components. These are amino acids, vitamins, minerals. It has bactericidal properties, stimulates blood circulation, moisturizes the skin and helps to retain moisture, relieves inflammation. Possesses softening, moisturizing properties. Effective for fading skin, acne. Has a powerful healing and regenerating effect, several times increasing the elasticity of the skin, due to the content of a special substance in it - Lignin. It helps the penetration of moisture and enzymes into the deep layers of the skin, strengthening the metabolic processes.


Mix the ingredients of the mask with quick movements. Using the spatula, apply the prepared mask on the pre-cleaned skin of the whole face, leaving only the nostrils open. Leave the mask for 20-30 minutes before solidification. Pick up the edges of the dry mask on the chin, remove it with one layer, directing the movement from the chin to the forehead. After that use a lotion and a cream. * 2-3 minutes before applying the mask to the face, it's recommended to use a bioactive serum, cream or a gel. 


55 g

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