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Sale Nature Republic Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm

Nature Republic Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm

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Cleansing cream
Holika Holika

Himalayan salt cleansing balm gently removes makeup and skin sebum. The product contains ecliptic prostrate extract, Indian amelia extract, mineral salts (500 mg). The balm contains Himalayan pink and white salt, has a light scrubbing effect. Gently and effectively removes fat-soluble contaminants from the skin (makeup remnants and sebum), and helps to thoroughly cleanse pores. The product has a sorbet texture and melts in contact with the skin, turning into oil. Balm improves the texture of the skin, gently exfoliating keratinized cells, maintains an optimal lipid barrier, stimulates blood flow. Restores skin tone and radiance. White Salt is for normal to dry skin, Pink Salt is for oily and combination skin.


Use a remover or cleansing water to remove permanent makeup from the eyes and lips. Apply a small amount of balm to dry skin with dry hands, gently massage until the texture is mixed with makeup. Then use a soft cloth to remove excess and wash with warm water using a foam or wash gel.


90 ml

$15-30Cleansing creamDull skin toneHolika Holika

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