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Sale Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Pack To Foam

Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Pack To Foam

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Face foam
Nature Republic

Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Pack To Foam contains deep sea water of Hawaii, sea water, hibiscus extract, white clay, etc. The Hawaiian Deep Sea series uses the deep sea water of Hawaii. Contains 33 kinds of sea ingredients.

Seawater intensively nourishes, saturates the skin with useful micro and macro elements, due to which many vital processes are normalized and accelerated. Beneficially affects blood microcirculation, activates the process of blood renewal, removes toxins from the skin. Clears the skin of keratinized cells, restores the smoothness and softness of the epidermis. Has a mild exfoliating effect, thanks to scraping particles. It controls the work of the sebaceous glands.  


Mix a small amount of the product with a small amount of water and create foam. Apply, the resulting foam to the damp skin of the face with massage movements. Finally, wash off with warm water. To use the product as a mask spread over the skin and leave for 3-5 minutes, after that continue cleansing your skin. 



$15-30CombinationFace foamNature RepublicNormalOilyPigmentation

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