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Sale Nature Republic Hawaiian Deep Sea AHA Cleansing Lotion

Nature Republic Hawaiian Deep Sea AHA Cleansing Lotion

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Cleansing lotion
Nature Republic

Cooling down cleansing product for your skin tired and uneven look. Comes out as a very soft lotion for skin cleansing with lightweight AHA acids formula. Contains refined Hawaiian deep sea water including its 33 marine ingredients. The sea water which has been cleared with hundreds of techniques stands as the main hydration remedy.

It purifies your skin gently and works upon better blood circulation. Helps to push AHAs deeply into your skin layer, for better moisturizing and toxins removal. This component is super helpful for people with uneven and sensitive skin, especially for those who get easily affected by temperature changes. It locks moisture inside your skin and provides relaxing comfort, making it baby-like soft and non-irritated.

AHA acids help you to get rid of multiple old skin layers containing dying skin cells, which increase fine wrinkles. With proper cleansing, your wrinkles become less visible and enlarged. On top of that AHA, acids exfoliate and stimulate your skin to recover faster and to synthesize natural collagen & glycosaminoglycans more than before.


Simply apply a few drops of the lotion onto your dry skin. Gently massage and remove the leftovers using a cotton pad and rinse your face carefully with a lukewarm or cool water.


130 ml

$15-30AcneBest SellerBlackheadsCleansing lotionCombinationDull skin toneLarge poresNature RepublicNormalOilyPigmentationPost-acne

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