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Sale Mizon Snail Repair EX Cream

Mizon Snail Repair EX Cream

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Face cream

Regenerating cream with snail mucus extract. An updated version of the popular Mizon Snail Repair face cream. Snail mucus consists of proteins, polysaccharides, mineral salts, allantoin, collagen, elastin, vitamins, hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid, etc. The structure and components of the mucus are remarkably similar to the human, so the mucus is well perceived by our skin.

This universal cream is suitable for all skin types, it contains a record quantity of snail mucin - 92% and thanks to its light texture it is quickly absorbed into the skin, easily penetrates into its deep layers and stimulates the synthesis of its own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, reduces the activity of free radicals. Due to these processes, a powerful cellular renewal takes place, aging processes are slowed down, the skin acquires smoothness and elasticity, wrinkles are smoothed, pigmentation is lightened.

Slime mucus effectively affects deep skin problems associated with photoaging and age-related changes, as well as superficial problems associated with acne, bacteria, viruses and other aggressive external factors. The mucus protects the skin from damage by ultraviolet radiation, helps to avoid keloid scars when healing various skin lesions, prevents the appearance of post-acne.

When applied to the skin, the cream perfectly moisturizes, soothes, refreshes and matters the skin. With regular application, the cream helps wound healing and restoring effect, prevents the appearance of repeated inflammations, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, and narrows the pores. The skin tone becomes smoother, the pigmentation becomes light, the post-acne traces disappear. In addition, the skin becomes more firm and elastic, soft and smooth.  


Apply the cream to cleansed face, use in the morning and/or in the evening. 


50 ml

$30-50Damaged skinFace creamLoose skinMizonNormalOilyWrinkles

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