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Sale New Mizon No.1 Moist King's Berry Cleansing Oil

Mizon No.1 Moist King's Berry Cleansing Oil

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Cleansing oil

Mizon No.1 Moist King's Berry Cleansing Oil is an effective product for removing contaminants and makeup from the epidermis. Its goal is to improve the overall condition of the skin. The formula contains active substances in the form of olive oil and vitamins A and E. They provide maximum nutrition and delicate cleansing. The composition is enriched with 24 black ingredients that have a moisturizing effect. Thanks to them, the epidermis gets rid of the black spots, and the pores become clean, which leads to a smooth, silky skin. Among them, there are charcoal, extracts from cocoa, coffee, acai berries, aubergine, blackberries and many others. Another component is the white components in the form of extracts from mulberry, egg white, and milk proteins. They save pores from excessive sebum and provide natural radiance. Natural lavender oil is an excellent natural preservative, which has an antiseptic effect. It has a beneficial effect on the sensitive epidermis, prone to irritation. Give your skin care without chemical cosmetics. It will be filled with health and will look perfect.


Apply as the last step of daycare (before makeup). Squeeze out a little of the remedy and spread it evenly over the skin with gentle massage movements


410 ml

$30-50BlackheadsCleansing oilDryMizonSensitive

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