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Sale Mizon Let Me Out ByeBye Blackhead 3-Step Kit

Mizon Let Me Out ByeBye Blackhead 3-Step Kit

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Face mask

A total solution for fighting blackheads! A set fighting blackheads, which includes products that are integrated to eliminate blackheads and tighten pores. Open You Pore Heating Gel - a warming gel-scrub for dissolving blackheads. The gel exerts a thermal effect and opens the pores, preparing the skin for the next step. Peel Off Blackhead Out Pack is a black mask-film that absorbs dirt from pores and excess sebum. Closing Pore Cooling Serum - cooling serum. Serum is the final stage, soothes, cools and tightens the pores.


Gel -> Mask -> Serum 1. Warming gel - apply to pre-cleaned damp skin. Massage the area with problem pores for 1-2 minutes. 2. Cleansing mask - apply on the nose and the wings of the nose with a thick layer, leave until completely dry (10-15 minutes). Remove the mask in one move with all dirt. 3. Cooling serum - apply a thin layer of serum immediately after the mask. Before use, you can put it in the refrigerator for a stronger tightening effect.


35 g + 35 ml + 30 ml 

$15-30AcneBlackheadsFace maskMizonOily

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