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Sale Mizon Fresh-On Time Hand Cream

Mizon Fresh-On Time Hand Cream

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Hand cream

A great product for enjoying freshly-on-time hand cream for complex skin care. The series includes three types of cream:

Black Bean Mask - cream containing soybeans, as well as Shea butter and vitamin E. The product has anti-aging properties, since it contains proteins. Getting into the structure of the skin, they contribute to the strengthening of cells and their rapid regeneration. The cream increases the protective properties of the skin, removes the inflammatory process, and provides intensive hydration. The product stops the natural aging process, gives the skin smoothness and elasticity. If you use the product regularly, the condition of mature skin will improve significantly.

Revital Lime Mask - with hyaluronic acid and lime extract. This cream refreshes, nourishes the skin with vitamins, increases tone. As a result of applying the cream, the skin is saturated with a large amount of collagen - it smoothes wrinkles, corrects other existing defects. Dry skin becomes soft, acquires the necessary elasticity.

Sweet Honey Mask - with honey extract. It is a storehouse of useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the skin condition. Moisturizing ingredients increase the ability of the skin to accumulate moisture. Honey activates the processes of metabolism in cells, removes the inflammatory process and reduces the level of sensitivity. The cream calms and softens the supersensitive skin, has a soft and gentle effect.


Apply appropriate amount and massage gently.


50 ml

Hand creamMizonUnder $15

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