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Sale Mizon Enjoy Fresh On-Time Mask

Mizon Enjoy Fresh On-Time Mask

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Face mask

Any skin needs regular and systematic care. This is especially true of mature skin, with signs of age-related changes. For such a case, the Korean company Mizon created a series of masks.

Enjoy Fresh-On Time Black Bean Mask - mask based on soybeans. By its pronounced anti-aging properties, this remedy is made of proteins obtained from black soybeans. They easily penetrate into deep layers of the skin, stimulates the synthesis of structure-forming proteins, such as elastin and collagen, helps strengthen cell membranes and restore skin cells as a whole.

In addition, protective cellular mechanisms are activated that help the skin resist the harmful effects of free radicals - the main aging factors produced by ultraviolet radiation. Also, proteins help reduce the intensity of inflammatory reactions and strengthen local immunity. Other substances from Enjoy Fresh-On Time The Black Bean Mask are responsible for the intensive moistening of both the surface and deep layers of the epidermis, for increasing the ability to accumulate liquid. Regular use of the mask will significantly improve the condition of mature skin - wrinkles will disappear, color and tone will improve, small pigment spots and foci of inflammation will disappear.

Enjoy Fresh-On Time Revital Lime Mask - mask with lime extract. Lime extract refreshes the skin, increases the overall tone and tone of the vessels, fills the epidermis with useful vitamins and fruit acids, and also improves the speed and quality of the processes of cell regeneration. By increasing the efficiency of cellular biosynthesis, the skin gets more collagen, which helps smooth wrinkles, correct other structural and cosmetic defects. The mask contains hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizer that stimulates fluid accumulation in cells and intercellular space, and stabilizes cell membranes. Systematic and correct use of the Revital Lime Mask will not only make the dry skin softer, more elastic and smooth, but also eliminate most of the cosmetic surface defects. The ability of the skin to resist various environmental influences will also be noticeably improved.

Enjoy Fresh On-Time Sweet Honey Mask - mask with honey extract Honey has a lot of useful properties. First of all, it is a source of vitamins, microelements and enzymes that positively influence the skin condition. It contains highly effective moisturizing components that not only increase the ability of the surface layers of the epidermis to accumulate moisture, but also increase the adhesion between the individual cells of the epidermis, which improves its resistance. Honey also contains substances that activate metabolic processes in cells, both the elimination of various toxins and the synthesis of structure-forming proteins. Honey helps to eliminate inflammation and reduces the overall sensitivity of the skin, so Enjoy Fresh On-Time Sweet Honey Mask works especially effectively on skin that has increased sensitivity. If you have an allergy to beekeeping products, then the use of a mask is not recommended contraindicated.


Apply the mask to the skin for 10-15 minutes. After this time, rinse with warm water. It is recommended to use 2 times a week.


100 ml 

$15-30CombinationDryFace maskLarge poresLoose skinMizonNormalOily

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