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Sale Mizon Dust Clean Up Deep Cleansing Mask

Mizon Dust Clean Up Deep Cleansing Mask

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Sheet mask

The tissue mask, soaked in concentrated essence, will help protect the face from harmful effects of the environment, clean it of dust and dirt, remove toxins. This mask is recommended for people with expanded pores and the presence of blackheads, for rough, dry, skin with uneven tone and inflammation. The mask removes dead particles and opens the "skin breath" for healthy cells, cleanses the pores and promotes skin renewal, has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. When applied to the skin the mask after a while begins to foam, and thousands of small bubbles massage your face, relieve stress, and help you to relax.


Apply to the cleansed and toned skin, evenly distribute the mask. After 5-10 minutes, after the mask stops foaming, remove the mask, rinse with warm water. 


1 mask/8 masks

$15-30BlackheadsLarge poresMizonSheet maskUnder $15

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