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Sale Mizon Collagen 100

Mizon Collagen 100

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Face serum

Highly concentrated collagen serum. Remedy consisting of 90% of marine collagen, the real elixir of youth. Collagen, as well as other active components of the serum, act on the skin at the cellular level, awaken it, trigger the regeneration processes, and also activate the synthesis of its own collagen. Molecules of marine collagen have extremely small sizes and the ability to penetrate deep layers of the skin. Since marine collagen is remarkably similar in structure to human collagen, the agents with it do not cause rejection and are absolutely safe. In addition to the ability to smooth wrinkles, strengthen and tighten the skin, marine collagen binds water and prevents loss of moisture, nourishes and softens the skin, which ultimately leads to its rejuvenation.

Serum has the lightest, almost watery texture, easily spreads over the skin and is quickly absorbed, penetrating deep layers of the skin. On the surface, the serum has an instant lifting effect, filling and smoothing wrinkles, making the skin look fresh and young. Also in the serum, there's a complex of peptides that regulate biochemical processes in the skin cells, help cells "recall" their young condition and start the processes of rejuvenation, stimulate collagen synthesis and regeneration processes, due to which the skin acquires elasticity, improves blood microcirculation, increases natural mechanisms antioxidant protection, and also control the formation of melanin, that is, prevent the appearance of pigmentation.

Hyaluronic acid, which is found in serum, moisturizes the skin, allantoin and panthenol are reduced, niacinamide brightens. A small bottle is enough for a long period, and the results will be noticeable after a few applications.


Apply to the cleared skin of the face with soft stroking movements and wait for full absorption. Also, the serum could be mixed with other products: add a few drops to your favorite cream, mask, BB cream or other foundation products.


30 ml

$30-50Face serumLoose skinMizonWrinkles

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