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Sale Missha Time Revolution Vitality Cream

Missha Time Revolution Vitality Cream


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Face cream

Intense regenerating facial skin cream, greatly enhancing natural skin regeneration process. Brings back your facial skin natural softness and elasticity, levels down mimic wrinkles, prevents new ones from forming. Also lightens facial skin, which is especially relevant for those of you with dull skin tone and uneven complexion prone to spots and patches. This cream contains a complex of pomegranate, hibiscus and cranberry, which boast a pronounced antioxidant effect and are also excellent for gently tightening loose skin. Patented yeast extract is great for lifting and strengthening your facial skin. This cream is recommended for daily use with other similar products of this line for maximum beneficial effect.


Apply to your facial skin and spread evenly with gentle massaging movements.


50 ml

$10 - $50$30-50Face creamLoose skinMisshaPigmentationTime RevolutionWrinkles

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