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Sale Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence RX

Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence RX

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Face essence

Series “Time Revolution”! Youth and vitality of your skin! The essence of The First Treatment Rx PRO FERMENT with fermented yeast extract maximally effectively affects the skin and has a pronounced anti-aging effect: deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, restores pH balance, has a regenerating effect, reduces the number and depth of wrinkles, reduces pigmentation and evens out facial tone .

Essence The First Treatment Rx PRO FERMENT 80% Fermented Yeast Concentrate. This ingredient is extracted using the exclusive Missha double fermentation process, a fermentation process that occurs at high and low temperatures.

* Fermentation is the process of fermentation of various types of microorganisms. Substances obtained after fermentation are rich in amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. They help stimulate metabolic processes in the skin, as a result of which they rejuvenate it.

Fermented yeast extract stimulates the synthesis of structural proteins of the skin, produces an immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effect, giving the skin tenderness, velvety and healthy well-groomed appearance. The essence is suitable even for sensitive skin types.

Yeast is rich in vitamins and minerals. And in the process of fermentation, the yeast components acquire a low molecular weight structure, which contributes to better penetration into the tissues. Therefore, the essence with fermented yeast is quickly absorbed, penetrates the deep layers of the skin, saturating it with vitamins and minerals.

Niacinamide is a water-soluble vitamin of group B. Niacinamide is an active component for cardinal cell renewal of the skin. The water-soluble form of vitamin B3 is well suited for mature and aging skin. Niacinamide belongs to the group of cell-binding assets that improve skin elasticity, its texture, increase barrier functions, tone, and also help to remove pigmentation and traces of acne.

Bifidobacterium lysate (Bifida Ferment Lysate) - a probiotic with anti-aging and regenerative properties: activates microcirculation in the epidermis, promotes collagen synthesis. It creates an optimal environment on the skin surface for the reproduction of normal microflora, protects against aggressive environmental factors, and prevents premature aging.

Pearl powder (powder) is a unique anti-aging ingredient: the powder has anti-inflammatory, regenerative, decongestant, anti-allergic properties. It deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, regulates water balance. Protects the skin from the harmful effects of external factors, including UV radiation.

Hydrogenated Lecithin is a natural, hypoallergenic emulsifier made from soy, with excellent moisturizing properties, as well as increasing the permeability of the skin and facilitating the penetration of other components into the deeper layers of the skin. It restores the natural protective function due to hardening of the cell membranes of the epidermis, helps strengthen skin regeneration processes, heal microdamages, reduce pore size, relieve skin inflammation and irritation, and normalize transepidermal water loss. It has a pronounced hydrophilicity, a powerful antioxidant.

1,2 hexanediol - an emulsifier, a synthetic moisture regulator (moisturizes the skin). It can significantly reduce the concentration of preservatives in the product. It has an antifungal, antibacterial effect.

Vegetable glycerin (from organic vegetable oils).

Glycerin + water = excellent moisturizer. One of the oldest components of cosmetics (used since the 19th century) glycerin has hygroscopic properties, that is, it draws moisture from the air * and holds it in the upper layer of the skin. Moreover, by forming the thinnest film on the surface of the epidermis, glycerol creates a barrier to transepidermal water loss.

* Glycerin is not added to cosmetics without water, that is, it is diluted in advance and safe (it will not draw moisture from the skin). However, it is worth remembering that to monitor the humidity of the air in the room is the key to the youth of your skin. Dry air leads to dehydration of the body, which primarily affects the skin.

With The First Treatment Rx essence, your skin will become smooth, soft and radiant!


After washing, apply a little tool in the palm of your hand, and then spread it over the skin with patting movements. Or apply the essence on a cotton pad and rub your face.


150 ml

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