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Sale Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Ampoule

Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Ampoule

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Face ampoule

Unique serum from wormwood, soothing the skin and saturating it with useful trace elements. The Missha Time Revolution Artemisia ampoule is formulated as a concentrated serum from wormwood extract obtained by natural double fermentation. Wormwood is grown in a unique place on the island of Kanhvardo in the South Sea. Due to the fact that wormwood grows in a mild oceanic climate, it is saturated with useful trace elements from the earth and air. Thanks to the double fermentation technology, the whole complex of plant nutrients is preserved in wormwood! It contains 70% of the ingredients that:

improve skin hydration;

reduce dryness of sensitive skin;

give the skin a glossy and shiny appearance;

provide balanced skin care.

Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Concentrated Ampoule

instantly soothes irritated skin;

relieves stress and strengthens the defenses of the epidermis;

helps moisturize the deeper layers of the skin.

Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Ampoule is a serum based on wormwood extract collected in September on Ganghwa Island. Concentrated extract obtained by natural fermentation, according to the technology of two pots, “once in heat, once in cold”. Thanks to this method, the complex of plant nutrients is kept intact. Serum instantly soothes irritated skin, prevents the appearance of stress and strengthens the defenses of the epidermis. Helps hydrate the deeper layers of the skin. Wormwood extract. The terpenoid compounds contained in the plant have a pronounced tonic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Wormwood oil reduces secretion by the sebaceous glands; due to inulin and azulene it reduces irritation symptoms (including allergic ones) and promotes tissue regeneration; increases the resistance of the epidermis to adverse environmental influences and the aging factor. Wormwood extract kills pathogens, promotes the speedy healing of cracks and wounds, relieves swelling. It has a biostimulating effect: improves microcirculation in the capillaries: refreshes makeup, relieves tension and stress, and also stimulates cleanses and brightens the skin.


Apply a few drops of the product on the skin, gently massage.


50 ml

Extract Of Dog Gall, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Purified Water, 1,2-Hexanediol, Betaine, Trehalose, Irishumosu Extract, Sugarcane Extract, Carbomer, Polyacrylate Cross- 6, Tromethamine, Polyquaternium-51, Ethylhexylglycerin, Dissodium Ditrate. $30-50DryFace ampouleLoose skinMisshaPigmentationSensitiveWrinkles

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