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Sale Missha Super Aqua Ultra Hyalon Cleansing Oil Tissue

Missha Super Aqua Ultra Hyalon Cleansing Oil Tissue

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Cleansing wipes

Cleansing wipes, soaked in oils, gently remove makeup, remove impurities, mattify, moisturize the skin. Available in convenient compact packaging - Missha Super Aqua Ultra Hyaluron Cleansing Oil Wipes are indispensable for travel.

Features and Benefits

The unique component of the essence soaked in wipes, Moisclean, combines the properties of a cleansing product and a moisturizer (thanks to hyaluronic acid). Its task is to restore the hydrolipidic balance of the skin, at the same time, carefully removing impurities.

Missha's Super Aqua Ultra Hyaluron Cleansing Oil Wipes also contains:

blue lotus extract - intensively moisturizes, tones, refreshes the skin, gives it a healthy, rested appearance;

grape seed oil - “bears responsibility” for elasticity and firmness;

jojoba oil - nourishes and softens the skin; green tea extract - a natural antioxidant that regulates water-fat metabolism;

Argan oil - protects the skin from "attacks" of external negative factors;

Camellia oil - gives the face a natural glow. Owing to the natural composition and the absence of harmful synthetic additives, owners of any (sensitive, problematic, including) skin type can use oil wipes.

Advantages of Super Aqua Ultra Hyaluron Cleansing Oil Wipes:

compactness, ease of use; provide cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition; remove the most resistant makeup without harm to the skin; give the face a radiant fresh well-groomed look; fight inflammation, prevent moisture loss / appearance of irritation, peeling.


Press one wipe against the skin and let it soak for 1 minute, than gently wipe off the makeup.


70 sheets

Cleansing wipesDryMisshaUnder $15

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