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Sale Missha Homemade Pack Foam Cleanser

Missha Homemade Pack Foam Cleanser

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Face foam

A series of universal skin care products that can be used as a face mask and facial wash. Missha Homemade Pack Foam Cleanser has a complex effect, first produces a powerful caring effect like a mask, then cleanses the skin like a foam.

Available in 5 options:

Yogurt Enzyme - Yogurt and Enzymes Foam for skin brightness.

Baking Soda Green Tea - soda and green tea. Deep moisturizing for oily skin.

Seaweed Marine Clay - algae and sea clay. Cleansing and matting foam for oily skin.

Centella Calamine - Centella and Calamine. Soothing foam for sensitive skin.

Honey Wheat Flour - honey and wheat flour. Nourishing foam for dry skin.


Apply the product to moist skin, leave for 5-10 minutes, then massage thoroughly, rinse with warm water. 


150 g 

DryDull skin toneFace foamMisshaOilySensitiveUnder $15

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