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Sale MIPLAY Real! 24K Gold Cream

MIPLAY Real! 24K Gold Cream

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Face cream

GLOW BEAUTIFULLY! Are you looking for a day and night cream which hydrates and refreshes your skin? Does your existing facial cream make your skin feel sticky after application? Are you curious about the beauty benefits of snail mucin filtrate? If your answer is “YES”, then we have a perfect solution for you!


This daily moisturizing cream combines the anti-aging and whitening benefits of real gold with the hydrating power of snail mucin filtrate and the soothing effect of various plant extracts! It deeply moisturizes your skin to help fight the signs of aging, improve skin elasticity and protect the skin against free radicals! This 24K gold firming cream also aids in revitalizing the skin and slowing down collagen depletion, making the skin feel velvety soft and smooth for a youthful glow!

POWERFUL COMBINATION FOR SKINCARE. MIPLAY REAL! 24K GOLD FACIAL CREAM combines the skin care benefits of 24K gold, snail mucin and botanical extracts to restore skin moisture and refresh the skin to reveal softer, firmer and smoother skin!

ENRICHED WITH REAL 24K GOLD. This face moisturizer is infused with REAL 24K GOLD, not gold extracts like others! 24k real gold promotes blood circulation and improves skin elasticity, making it firmer and more supple! It also protects the skin from sun exposure, lightens complexion and prevents premature aging!

SNAIL MUCIN. This face cream contains skin mucilage which is rich in peptides, Hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidants! Just like gold, skin mucin hydrates the skin and helps keep acne-causing bacteria at bay! Skin mucin also helps in fading hyperpigmentation and reducing the appearance of wrinkles!

LIGHTWEIGHT FORMULATION. Use this gold facial moisturizer after washing your face with MIPLAY! 24K gold cleansing foam and 24K gold moisturizing toner! This facial cream is quickly absorbed by the skin and keeps it moist and smooth without leaving a greasy feeling!


Apply to your skin at the last step of skincare.


150 g

$15-30CombinationDamaged skinDryFace creamMIPLAYNormalOilyRedness

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