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Sale Maxclinic Time Return Melatonin Cream

Maxclinic Time Return Melatonin Cream

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Face cream

Anti-aging face cream effectively delivers nutrients to the skin to maintain its elasticity. After using the product, the skin looks radiant, refreshed and rested, as if after a good sleep. Melatonin cream helps preserve the beauty and youth of the skin, gives it inner shine, protects it from aggressive environmental influences. Melatonin, which is part of the product, is a hormone that helps fight premature skin aging. It stimulates the regeneration processes, tightens the skin, relieves tension and stress, protects cells from destruction.


Use as the final stage of skin care. Apply a small amount of cream on the face and neck, with gentle patting movements to spread the cream on the surface of the skin.


25 g

$15-30DryFace creamLoose skinMaxclinicPigmentationWrinkles

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