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Sale Maxclinic Hydropeel Toning Pads

Maxclinic Hydropeel Toning Pads

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Face toner

Peeling + Moisturizing + Natural radiance: A minute treatment that gives a perfectly smooth skin. Contribute to exfoliation and toning of the skin. The pads are made of high-quality cotton. They are in a solution of PHA acid and caring components. Look after dull, problem, oily, combination skin, with expanded pores. Effectively update exfoliate and cleanse the skin. They treat acne, narrow pores, smooth the skin microrelief. Improve complexion. They help fight pigmentation, restore skin elasticity, and relieve its state of friability. Niacinamide in the composition helps to narrow the pores, removes traces of acne. The face becomes smooth, clean and refreshed. RNA acids have a strong moisturizing effect, gently and steadily exfoliate dead cells, evening out skin tone and texture. Caring components: hyaluronic acid, betaine, panthenol, niacinamide moisturize the skin, delicately regenerating it.


After the foam, remove the sponge from the jar with tweezers, wipe the skin of the face and neck with the grooved side for gentle exfoliation, avoiding the obstruction of the eyes and lips. Turn the sponge over and wipe your face with the smooth side. Wash your senses. Suitable for daily use, even for exfoliating sensitive skin. 


50 pads

$15-30DryFace tonerLoose skinMaxclinicPigmentationWrinkles

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