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Sale Maxclinic Centella 28 Drops

Maxclinic Centella 28 Drops

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Face ampoule

Soft care for the rough flaking skin! Contains 76% of the Centella leaves juice, which will give you a gentle clean skin. Watermelon and cucumber extracts refresh and moisturize the skin with a cooling effect. The sea-rich complex is rich in minerals, filling your skin with energy. These drops make the skin firm and elastic, while whitening and smoothing wrinkles. Vitamin complex will give your skin radiance and tenderness, strengthening the natural protective barrier of the skin and soothing irritated skin. Concentrated soothing care for 28 days! Two drops a day, and one bottle will last for seven days! Premium SPA effect at home!


Use instead of the essence. Apply two small drops on the face and gently massage


10ml x 4ea

$15-30Face ampouleLoose skinMaxclinicPigmentationWrinkles

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