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Sale Ladykin Collagen Hydro Illuminative Cream

Ladykin Collagen Hydro Illuminative Cream

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Face cream

Travel size product!

Without proper moisturizing, it is impossible to maintain the skin in good condition. Lack of moisture causes not only dryness and flaking, but also dullness, lethargy, and dry creases. To avoid these troubles will help a special cream with collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Cream intensively moisturizes the skin, and with regular use helps to smooth and strengthen it, returns the face radiance. Hydrolyzed collagen helps to activate the processes of synthesis of own collagen in the skin, due to which the skin regains elasticity and elasticity, is smoothed and tightened.

Hyaluronic acid is almost completely responsible for the condition of our skin, prevents premature aging, moisturizing the skin, maintaining its freshness and elasticity.


Apply the cream with soft movements on a clean, toned skin.


10 ml

Dull skin toneFace creamLadykinPigmentationPost-acneUnder $15

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