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Sale Ladykin Affinitic Whitening Moisturizer

Ladykin Affinitic Whitening Moisturizer

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Face cream

Travel size product!

Ladykin Affinitic Whitening Moisturizer is a gel for moisturizing and brightening the skin. Helps to reduce the intensity of freckles, age pigmentation, traces of post-acne. The gel also nourishes and softens the skin, smoothes it, slows down the appearance of age-related changes.

The texture is viscous, well distributed over the face, melts from the warmth of the hands and face. Immediately after applying the gel, stickiness is felt (as after using snail cosmetics), but after 5-7 minutes the product is completely absorbed, leaving the skin hydrated and nourished.

The key component of the gel is wild yam root extract, which is a phyto analogue of snail mucin and has similar properties. The extract of yam has a regenerating effect, moisturizes and soothes the skin, strengthens and smoothes it, promotes the lightening of pigmentation.

The gel also contains niacinamide, certified as a component with a brightening action. Niacinamide brightens pigmentation of various origins, evens skin tone, eliminates dull and grey complexion, restores freshness and natural radiance.

Camellia hydrolat, bamboo extract and hyaluronic acid provide intensive and deep moisturizing of the skin, relieve dryness and irritation, reduce swelling of the face, protect skin cells from destruction by free radicals, slow down the aging process.


Apply the cream with soft movements on a clean, toned skin.


10 ml

Dull skin toneFace creamLadykinPigmentationPost-acneUnder $15

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