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Sale La'dor Perfect Hair Filler Fill Up 150 ml

La'dor Perfect Hair Filler Fill Up 150 ml

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Hair mask

The new convenient volume of the famous hair fillers! Created for salon professional care and you may reach the same amazing result now at home. Recommended for dry and damaged hair that has never seen this world in the natural tone. Highly recommended for thin & weak hair. These fillers formula contains protein, micro ceramides, PPT collagen, hyaluronic acid and smoothing components - LPP keratin and silk amino acids. The fillers give your hair the natural shine, silky effect and make them easy-combed. Ideal product for poriferous hair. Professional hairdressers recommend using these fillers not earlier than 3 days after hair dye.


Mix approximately 15 ml of the ampoule with about 15 ml of water (1:1 ratio). Mix well until it becomes thick and creamy. Apply all over hair, then cover with a plastic hair cap. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water and blow dry. 


150 ml

$30-50Hair maskLa'dor

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