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Sale La'dor Damage Protector Acid Shampoo

La'dor Damage Protector Acid Shampoo

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Hair shampoo

Sulfate free shampoo with argan oil, designed to care for dry and damaged hair, helps to improve the condition of dull and weak hair. Shampoo cleanses the scalp and hair from dirt, heals and rejuvenates day after day.

Argan oil has an intense nutritional and moisturizing effect, moisturizes the scalp, promotes its regeneration and eliminates dandruff, restores the structure of hair, stimulates hair growth and prevents loss, eliminates split ends, protects from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Shampoo with a pH balance of 4.5 can be used for daily use while maintaining the durability of the color of the colored hair. With regular use of shampoo with argan oil, your hair will become strong and elastic, smooth, shiny and silky.


Dispense the desired amount of shampoo and apply to wet hair. Massage hair and scalp thoroughly then rinse thoroughly. 


150 ml

$15-30Hair shampooLa'dorUnder $15

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