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Sale Labiotte Linden Blossom Deep Moisture Softener

Labiotte Linden Blossom Deep Moisture Softener

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Face toner

Deep moistening toner with linden flowers. Intensive moisturizing for the skin from the first second of application and lasting for many hours. Active components of the toner fill every cell of the skin with life-giving moisture, due to which it comes alive, filled with strength. With deep moisturizing, wrinkles caused by dryness are pushed from the inside - the skin is smoothed out, and becomes more elastic.

As part of the toner, the key component is a lime extract that is suitable for the care of any skin type and has a moisturizing, refreshing, nourishing and softening effect. It has the ability to eliminate stagnation of lymph and fluid retention in the tissues so that the swelling of the face disappears, skin elasticity improves, and fine wrinkles are smoothed. Lime blossom is characterized by a unique feature to make the skin more susceptible to all active ingredients of the cosmetic. Also, the lime extract protects the skin from atmospheric influences, during periods of temperature changes and strong winds.

Lotus extract has a calming effect, strengthening the skin cells, it contains vitamin C, nelumbin, nufarin, armenavin and other mineral compounds. It also has biostimulating, restorative, anti-inflammatory action, improves blood circulation. Stimulates the activity of skin cells, slows down the aging process, prevents wrinkles and makes the skin smooth and supple.

Geranium extract normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands in the oily skin, eliminates inflammation and flaking of the sensitive and damaged skin, perfectly moisturizes dry skin. Stimulates the regeneration of cells. Good antiseptic, anti-inflammatory product. Improves the general condition of any skin type. Toner contains lime blossom extract, snow lotus extract, geranium oil and other useful ingredients.


Apply a small amount of toner to the cotton pad and gently wipe the skin of the face.


150 ml

$30-50DryFace tonerLabiotteLoose skin

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