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Sale Labiotte Linden Blossom Deep Moisture Essence

Labiotte Linden Blossom Deep Moisture Essence

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Face essence

The environment of the big city life, bad nutrition, an abundance of stress and improper care lead to the fact that the facial skin loses the necessary moisture. Unfortunately, very few people know that this leads to the premature aging of the skin. A series of Linden Blossom from Labiotte has a unique combination of natural ingredients: geranium oil, snow lotus extract, linden extract. The regular application of Deep Moisture Cream will solve these problems:

  • not enough elasticity and firmness;
  • uneven and unhealthy complexion;
  • premature aging;
  • excessive or inadequate sebum secretion;
  • inflammation and irritation;
  • peeling and dryness.

Deep moisturizing is necessary to preserve the youth and freshness of the facial skin.


Apply essence to the skin with soft massaging movements. 


60 ml

$30-50DryFace essenceLabiotteLoose skin

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