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Sale It's Skin Power 10 Formula Mist

It's Skin Power 10 Formula Mist

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Face mist
It's Skin

[Power 10 Formula VE Nutrition Mist] Mildly acidic nutrition mist that deeply nourishes the skin with abundant active ingredients.

[Power 10 Formula VC Vitaful Mist] Mildly acidic brightening mist that provides radiance to the dull complexion.

[Power 10 Formula VB Sebum Mist] Mildly acidic sebum mist that provides an appropriate amount of oil & moisture to the skin to keep it fresh.

[Power 10 Formula LI Soothing Mist] Mildly acidic soothing mist that soothes and calms the sensitive and tired skin. 


Close your eyes and spray the mist from 15-20cm distance. Gently pat for better absorption. 


80 ml

CombinationDryDull skin toneFace mistIt's SkinOilyUnder $15

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