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Sale It's Skin Boarding Pass Kit (Moisture Recharge)

It's Skin Boarding Pass Kit (Moisture Recharge)

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It's Skin

Boarding Pas kit will lighten your suitcase for a couple of kilograms (you don’t have to carry full-sized versions of your favorite products with you) and help you stay irresistible in any climatic conditions. Now no dry skin, dark circles and dull tones after long flights! 

The set includes:

1. Purifying sponge: perfectly removes dirt, makeup, refreshes and moisturizes the skin.

2. Sponge with toner: refreshes and restores the skin, gives it a smooth and healthy color, deeply nourishes.

3. Moisturizing cream will make the skin soft and smooth, eliminating flaking and dryness. 


Gently wipe the skin with a sponge 1. Apply sponge 2 to face for 2-3 minutes, don't wash it off. Apply the cream to the skin with soft massaging movements. 


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It's SkinKitUnder $15

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