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Sale Innisfree Veggie Water Toning Mist

Innisfree Veggie Water Toning Mist

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Face mist

The Veggie water line facial skincare product line is based on the Super Food formula, the main components of which are extracts of five plants of Jeju Island: carrots, wheat germ, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi and asparagus, without the addition of raw materials and by-products of animal origin. The extracts have maximum efficiency - obtained by the osmotic extraction method using seawater. The spray instantly moisturizes the skin, is instantly absorbed, restoring the hydro-lipid balance. Increases the protective properties of the skin, refreshes, tones. Fine spray. It is best used as an additional moisturizer with your favourite care line throughout the day. The product is officially certified by the French company EVE VEGAN (0% animal feed, 100% raw vegan). Dermatologically tested for safe use on sensitive skin. 


Spray evenly onto the surface of the face; if necessary, apply a larger amount of spray to individual areas where necessary; apply throughout the day as needed. 


120 ml

$15-30DryFace mistInnisfreeVegan

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