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Sale Innisfree Olive Real Oil Mist

Innisfree Olive Real Oil Mist

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Face mist

The most delicate toner mist for the face, enriched with organic olive oil from the island of Crete. The product has a two-phase structure - water + oil, which, mixing with each other, provide deep hydration and nutrition of the skin. Thanks to the smallest sprayer, the product rests on the skin with a very thin veil and performs several functions at once: moisturizes, soothes and nourishes the skin restores her protective barrier prevents peeling acts as a makeup fixer You can use the product as a toner, spraying it onto the skin after cleansing, or at any time of the day when you feel that the skin needs to be moisturized (due to its convenient form with a spray, the product can be applied both before and after applying makeup). Mist is based on TExtra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest class, certified by the Bio Hellas Institute (one of the ten largest institutes certifying organic products). Mist does not contain parabens, mineral oil, artificial colors, animal products and benzophenone. 


Shake the bottle to mix layers. Close your eyes and spray on the skin. Apply as needed. 


80 ml

DryFace mistInnisfreeUnder $15

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