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Sale Holika Holika Skin & AC Mild Clear Toner

Holika Holika Skin & AC Mild Clear Toner


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Face toner
Holika Holika

Purifying facial toner, excellent for keeping sebum in check. Boasts anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action which is great to treat the blackheads. Instantly absorbs onto your skin thanks to its gentle texture. This product was designed to target complicated and oily problematic facial skin and contains purslane, mint, chrysanthemum and bay leaf extracts, which make your facial skin matte, preventing the unwanted oily glitter. The other useful ingredients are bergamot oil and the extracts of geranium and lemongrass which are great for your skin tone and complexion as they nourish and moisturize your skin.


Apply onto moist facial skin and massage with gentle circular movements until the product fully absorbs.


200 ml

$10 - $50$15-30AC collectionAcneBlackheadscombinationDryFace tonerHolika HolikaLarge poresnormaloilyPost-acne

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