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Sale Holika Holika Skin & AC Mild Clear Cleansing Foam

Holika Holika Skin & AC Mild Clear Cleansing Foam

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Face foam
Holika Holika

Mild cleansing foam, to keep your pores clean. Prevents unwanted oily skin glitter, tightens pores, and also provides an anti-inflammatory effect. The product creates lots of foam, and doesn’t leave unwanted skin dryness or tight after feel. Contains apple extract for delicate skin care, as well as chrysanthemum and rocket (Arugula) extracts, which maintain hydro-lipid skin balance, protecting it from the elements.


Mix a little bit of product with a little bit of water, shake it to get foam, then apply onto your moist face skin, massaging it, and then wash off with warm water.


150 ml

$10 - $50AC collectionAcneBlackheadscombinationDryFace foamHolika HolikaLarge poresnormaloilyPost-acneUnder $15

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