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Sale Holika Holika Perfumed Body Lotion

Holika Holika Perfumed Body Lotion

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Body lotion
Holika Holika

Holika Holika Blooming Perfumed Body Lotion - body lotion, a favorite Korean company "Holika Holika". Used as a skin care product. Deeply moisturizes the skin, gently nourishes, makes it softer and more tender. This product is based on all-natural ingredients. The lotion will give you a luxurious floral aroma and the necessary care. Suitable for all skin types. The composition contains a complex of herbs, olive oil, Shea butter, a complex of Swiss Alpine herbs. Lotion can be used before and after a shower. It is well absorbed and refreshing. Olive oil has a rejuvenating property, evens out existing wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones. Olive oil in large quantities contains vitamin E, which is an excellent antioxidant. Oil is also used to increase skin tone and elasticity. Shea butter is more composed of triglycerides and less of fats. The oil contains vitamins E, F and A. This oil is a versatile product that has various properties: moisturizing, regenerating, softening, healing. Also, this oil helps maintain youthful skin and fights wrinkles. It is used to heal wounds, scars, burns, to combat stretch marks. Applying Shea Butter makes your skin radiant.


Apply to clean, dry skin of the body with light massaging movements. 


390 ml

$15-30Body lotionHolika Holika

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