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Sale Holika Holika Face Egg Soap

Holika Holika Face Egg Soap

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Face soap
Holika Holika

Cleansing foam assortment for different effects from your favourite brand Holika Holika:

Goheung Citron Fresh – controls pores, smooths out facial skin roughness and texture, gently brightens face. Contains citrus extracts, rich in vitamin C.

Icheon Rice Bright – rice foam nourishing and soothing facial skin, moisturizes too, not leaving an unwanted skin dryness or tight after feel.

Tongyeong Camelia Moisture – Camelia extract foam, cleansing and moisturizing facial skin – this product also controls natural pH facial skin level.

Damyang Bamboo – bamboo extract foam to reduce swelling, moistures facial skin, helping it to regenerate.

  • White - Tightens pores
  • Red - Cleans clogged pores
  • Green - Reduces inflammation
  • Black - Controls sebum

    Apply onto moist face, massage gently, then rinse off with warm water.


    100 g

    $10 - $50AcneCombinationDryFace soapHolika HolikaLarge poresNormalOilyRednessSensitiveUnder $15

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