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Sale Holika Holika 3 Seconds Starter

Holika Holika 3 Seconds Starter

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Face toner
Holika Holika

This starter-essence enriches skin with vitamins and minerals, making it ready for future care. This product is almost as liquid as water, absorbs extremely easily, and deeply impregnates facial skin to keep the moisture inside for the duration of the entire day. The essence is called a three second starter. It needs to be applied to purified skin during exactly three seconds after washing your face:

Blue – super moisturizing starter with hyaluronic acid. Works wonders if you are worried about excessive tightness of your skin or appearance of minor wrinkles, it moisturizes and softens your skin making it tender and radiant.

Pink – with collagen and trehalose. The collagen works together with elastin to smooth skin texture and regenerate it. This particular starter employs collagen from algae, which boasts extra rejuvenating action against early signs of ageing and reduces your existing wrinkles. Trehalose is a kind of sugar extracted from cactus. It is a wonderful component which prevents cactus from drying out in hot desert climate. This component actively moisturizes dry skin and keeps moisture inside to ensure the right water balance for your face all day long!

Orange – a vitamin explosion for your skin! Contains niacin, purslane, vitamin C, etc. This starter lightens up your skin, impregnating it with the vitamin complex and as a result you get ruddy healthy complexion and soft, silky smooth skin. Spoil yourself with this stunning essence and your skin will thank you for it!


Wash your face, apply purifying mask or cleanser, then wipe your face with a towel and apply the starter using gentle patting movements. Gently massage your face with the tips of your fingers for three minutes, then follow with your regular makeup routine. Remember, this starter is most effective if applied during three seconds after washing your face. 


150 ml

$10 - $50$15-30DryDull skin toneFace tonerHolika HolikaLoose skinNormalPigmentation

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