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Sale Heimish Black Tea Mask Pack

Heimish Black Tea Mask Pack

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Face mask

Mask Black Tea Mask Pack - an excellent product that provides high-quality professional skin care at home. It contains the extract of smoked fish - it softens and deeply moisturizes the skin, making it soft, velvet, supple and radiant. Asian Centella Extract - relieves redness, inflammation and irritation, fights against acne, kills microbes and bacteria, increases the energy potential of cells. Olive oil - eliminates dryness and tightness, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, rejuvenates. Black tea extract - fights against rosacea and black spots, regulates the sebaceous glands, improves blood circulation and lymph outflow. Aloe extract - soothes the epidermis, promotes the healing of minor damage to the skin. Eucalyptus and cocoa extract - increase turgor of the dermis, remove traces of fatigue and swelling, tone the skin, make it supple, supple and toned.


Apply a mask on the cleansed skin with an even layer, wait 7-10 minutes, then wash thoroughly.


110 ml

$15-30DryFace maskHeimishRedness

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